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Thursday, 21 May 2015 19:14

For fans of the early 2000's band Rauhfaser, this news will be music to your ears. Zam Helga, the mastermind behind the ban, has just released his first solo album in almost 20 years. The maestro has been busy working away on this masterpiece for the last 10 years and is very proud to have finally released his new album 'Monster'.
Rock fans may need to take a back seat for this one as it's a very acoustic soft album but the lyrics are where the power is at. The mood this man can create from such simple instruments is astounding. If you are wishing to expand your musical horizon a little then we can't say enough that you need to check out Zam helga and all his previous work.

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Monday, 04 August 2014 13:27

Great news for Emigrate fans! The side project of Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe is back! Richard has announced that a new album will be released in October. Titled 'Silent so Long' the album will contain 11 tracks including a few guest appearances from various musicians, including Lemmy from Mötorhead!

The tracklist will be:

1. Eat You Alive (featuring Frank Dellé)
2. Get Down (featuring Peaches)
3. Rock City (featuring Lemmy Kilmister)
4. Hypothetical
5. Rainbow
6. Born On My Own
7. Giving Up
8. My Pleasure
9. Happy Times
10. Faust
11. Silent So Long (featuring Jonathan Davis)

Check out the teaser video:

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In Extremo are a Medieval rock band that have been blasting out hit after hit for over 15 years. Highly recommended, you need to check this unique music out
The German band that just keep on rocking with no end in sight!

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